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No matter what type of solopreneurship you have, you are going to need to generate revenue. At its most fundamental level, you are providing a good or service in exchange for someone’s money. If you are not generating revenue, then you have a hobby, but not a business. So, let’s look at those processes for acquiring revenue that every solopreneur and network marketer has in common.

The Nuts-and-Bolts Checklist:

  1. I have a strategy for finding and attracting people to my business.
  2. My product or service is ready to sell.
  3. My office or studio is set up with everything I need to make sales and receive money.
  4. My marketing mechanism is in place.
  5. I have a feedback loop that provides customer service and resolves problems effectively.
  6. I have a mechanism for retaining my customers.

Educator, Author, Speaker

Carol Merlo, M.Ed.

Carol Merlo, M.Ed. has provided Leadership and Entrepreneurship training and education to thousands of people in the US and Canada for the past fifteen years. As a veteran of the direct sales industry she knows what it takes to build and manage a small business. Her education in the fields of Psychology and Training enables her to help others apply the tools of personal transformation to make a difference in their day to day activities so they can experience greater success in their lives and in their businesses. Learn more at

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Are you Missing a Piece of the Puzzle?

    • What does it Take to Have a Thriving Business?

  2. 2
    • Start with a Plan

    • Who is your Target Market?

    • What are your Sales Projection?

    • Your Sales Funnel

    • Example Sales Funnel

  3. 3
    • I am Ready for Business

  4. 4
    • Having an Organized Space

    • Does the IRS Think it's a Business?

  5. 5
    • It's Like Spinning Plates

  6. 6
    • You are Your Customer Service Department

  7. 7
    • Create Repeat Customers

    • Track Your Progress

  8. 8
    • What Did you Learn?