The Nuts and Bolts Checklist

The Six Steps to a Building a Successful Solopreneurship | taught by Carol Merlo, M.Ed.

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No matter what type of solopreneurship you have, you are going to need to generate revenue. At its most fundamental level, you are providing a good or service in exchange for someone’s money. If you are not generating revenue, then you have a hobby, but not a business. So, let’s look at those processes for acquiring revenue that every solopreneur and network marketer has in common.

The Nuts-and-Bolts Checklist:

  1. I have a strategy for finding and attracting people to my business.
  2. My product or service is ready to sell.
  3. My office or studio is set up with everything I need to make sales and receive money.
  4. My marketing mechanism is in place.
  5. I have a feedback loop that provides customer service and resolves problems effectively.
  6. I have a mechanism for retaining my customers.
Carol Merlo, M.Ed.
Carol Merlo, M.Ed.
Educator, Author, Speaker

Carol Merlo, M.Ed. the author of a number of books including The Hemp Miracle, No Achy Joints, Create a Happy Business and Create a Happy Body and has been an educator and corporate trainer for the past 25 years. She has a down to earth, interactive speaking style that inspires people to discover their best selves.

Carol’s material is based on solid research and her experience in the dietary supplement industry gives her a foundation based in the wellness model. During her 15-year tenure as a leader and trainer in the Nutrition Direct Sales industry, she helped thousands of people in the US and Canada achieve greater health and success in their lives.

Each of her classes brings the participant to a new level of awareness and personal empowerment so that whether one's focus is on health, wealth, or happiness, they have a clear guide toward their goals.

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Carol Merlo, M.Ed.

Course Curriculum

1. Are you Missing a Piece of the Puzzle?
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3. My Product or Service is Ready to Sell
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4. My Office or Studio is Set Up
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5. An Expanding Marketing Platform
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6. A Feedback Loop that Resolves Problems
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A Mechanism for Retaining Customers
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What Did you Learn?
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