Create a Happy Body

The Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Wellness | taught by Carol Merlo, M.Ed.
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Are you finding that path to healthy living elusive? Are you tired of diet fads, pills, and schemes that claim they will finally give you a healthy body and mind?

If you still don't feel 'quite right' then it's time to Create a Happy Body. Laid out in easy to follow modules, this course provides the path to healthy living in mind and body that you have been seeking. Follow these simple steps and you will tap into new levels of vitality, joy, personal fulfillment, and clarity. If you are tired of the yo-yo, start-stop rat race of aches and pains and just not feeling good, learn to step into a space of empowered support and clarity with these tools.

Carol Merlo, M.Ed.
Carol Merlo, M.Ed.
Author, Trainer, and Solopreneurship Expert

Carol Merlo, M.Ed. has provided Leadership and Entrepreneurship training and education to thousands of people in the US and Canada for the past fifteen years. As a veteran of the direct sales industry she knows what it takes to build and manage a small business. Her education in the fields of Psychology and Training enables her to help others apply the tools of personal transformation to make a difference in their day to day activities so they can experience greater success in their lives and in their businesses.

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Carol Merlo, M.Ed.

Course Curriculum

Week 2 - Digestion
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Week 4
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Week 5 - Supplements
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Week 6: Ideation and Inspiration
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